AMC Membership

AMC Membership FAQs.

Change of Address
Q: How do I change my mailing address or email address?
A: You can change your mailing address or email address at any time by using My Outdoors, or calling Member Services at 800-372-1758.

ID Card
Q. Do I receive a membership ID card?
A. Yes, you will receive a membership card in the mail 3-4 weeks after joining the AMC. If you need a replacement card or an extra for your family, call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or email and we'll mail you a duplicate.

Q. Can I participate in other chapter activities or change affiliation?
A. Yes, you can participate in any chapter activity, and you can change your affiliation to any of the 12 chapters at any time. The choices are: Maine; New Hampshire; Boston; Connecticut; Southeastern Massachusetts; Narragansett (RI); Worcester (MA); Berkshires (MA); Mohawk Hudson (Albany, NY area); New York-North Jersey; Delaware Valley; and Washington, DC. You can change your chapter affiliation at any time through My Outdoors, or emailing

Q: How can I sign up to get my chapter newsletter sent electronically?
A: You can request e-delivery of your chapter newsletter at any time through My Outdoors.

Member Magazine
Q. Where's my AMC Outdoors?

A. If you are a new member, your first issue should arrive about four weeks after we process your payment. If you are a current member, there are several possibilities. If you have moved recently, your magazine may have gotten lost in the mail (the Post Office is not required to forward your magazine). Or your membership may have expired (if you wait to renew until just before your membership expires, you may also miss an issue). Or you may have forgotten that issues of the magazine are printed bimonthly (in 2011 we will publish January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, and November/December issues). Please call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or email if you don't receive your magazine.

Mailing Lists
Q. Do you share my name with other groups?
A. Sometimes we share our mailing list with groups who may be of interest to members. If you do not want your name exchanged or rented, please call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or email and let us know you want your name removed from the AMC's list. You can also write: Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Assoc., Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512, or call 212-768-7277 and ask that your name be removed from all mailing lists.

Q. I got another renewal notice but I sent in my payment already. What's going on?
Usually when this happens it's because our renewal mailing and your payment crossed paths. If you wait to renew your membership until the very end of its term, you can call 800-372-1758 or email and ask Member Services to check the status of your payment and membership.

Q. Are my membership dues tax deductible?
A. Yes, all but $6 of your yearly membership dues are tax deductible.

Membership Expiration Date
Q. What happens if I let my membership expire?
A. Your membership expires on the last day of the month that you joined. For example, if you joined on April 5, 2011, your membership will not expire until April 30, 2012. If you do not renew before the end of the month, you will enter a 4 month grace period. During the grace period, you will no longer receive AMC Outdoors or your Chapter's newsletter, and eventually you will lose access to My Outdoors. The grace period allows you to retain your most recent membership join date and consecutive years of membership until the grace period ends. During this time, you will receive three letters in the mail as a reminder to renew, unless you have previously told us you want no renewal notices or just 1 renewal notice.

Please note, the member renewal grace period was three months through August 2006 and was changed to four months effective September 2006. If you had a break in membership before September 2006, the grace period in effect at that time determines your membership join date and years of consecutive membership. We cannot change your membership history retroactively.

Q. What if I renew after my expiration date?
A. If you renew during the grace period, you will retain your membership join date and consecutive years of membership. You will also start to receive AMC Outdoors and your Chapter's newsletter. If you renew after your grace period has ended, you will lose your consecutive years of membership and have a new membership start date. If you have questions regarding the status of your membership, please call Member Services at 800-372-1758 or send an email to

Member ID
Q. I don't know my member ID number. How can I find this?
A. Your member number can always be found on the front cover of your AMC Outdoors magazine - It is a 5 or 6 digit number just above your name and address, followed by your membership expiration date.